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Mori Teppanyaki

Mori Teppanyaki boasts an elegant interior that includes a 397-square-meter private room on the second floor, plus an outdoor garden. Here diners can enjoy variously-priced VIP and other exquisite set meals and business lunches that center around top-grade offerings such as Japanese beef, abalone, lobster, foie gras, king crab, ribeye steak, and the restaurant’s specialty chicken flavored with Sun Moon Lake Black Tea #18.
In a change from most teppanyaki eateries, Mori’s dishes are non-greasy and the chef only uses the naturally-present meat fats when creating succulent, wonderfully-fragrant delicacies on the sizzling teppanyaki griddle. The Australian M9+ Steak (NT$6,980 for set meal) we enjoyed was prepared by Head Chef Guo Bao-tien, whose well-honed culinary skills were on full display. I was able to experience five to six different kinds of meat textures as he prepared the beef in various styles. The succulent, thinly cut meat melts in the mouth and you can choose sea salt, pink salt or truffle salt to go with your steak and accent every delicious bite.
Individual and two-person set meals are available and include seafood, appetizers, a salad, bread, soup and various main-entree options. If you don’t eat beef, the above-mentioned specialty black tea-flavored chicken (NT$1,480/person) provides a crispy, yet tender, alternative.
The recommended Taro Pancake dessert, thin as paper, featured soft mashed taro that was the best of its kind that I’ve had and a marvelous conclusion to a very satisfying teppanyaki experience. –By Uvia Chang Translated by Anna Yang

Mori Teppanyaki

南屯區益豐路4段502號 (04) 2382-7779
502, YiFeng Rd, Sec 4, Nantun Dist
11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-10 pm

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