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Metal Treasure Attic II

By Karen Brownbear Translated by Elliot Billings

Produced by Sahara Studio and released on Fredmosa Records in early 2001, Metal Treasure Attic was the first volume in a series devoted to the compilation of tracks by the stalwarts of Taiwan's metal scene as well as some up-and-coming bands, including Firedance, Cthonic [sic], Assassin, Snowdance and Manum .

Late 2001 saw the release of the second volume on Magnum Records. This compilation, which tends more toward European-style prog-metal, starts off with Seraphim's "Occupation". With its pounding drums and the group's unique "dialogue between an angel and the devil" sound, this is a track by a band that this author believes would certainly shake up mainstream music circles if they only had more media exposure.

Lung-tsu Kuang-hui, Blue Moon, Y2K and Dream Spirit are among a new generation of great metal bands who debut on this album.
The songs have surging melodies and substantive lyrics, especially Dream Spirit's "Black Hole", which expresses the heart's struggle with desire. The song's arrangement, with its graceful keyboards and group vocals, show just how much craft goes into making metal music.
Other tunes like "Dark Force" and "A-nu Pi-Su" are more virile thrash and death metal, and there is even a nu-metal track by a foreign band, Sho N Tel. Another stand-out cut and the most lyrical ballad on this album is "Yu-chieh" by Chueh-ching.

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