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The COMPASS Group, March 2006

Artist: Jing Peng
Title: Songs of Wanderlust
Label: Wind Records

Produced by Jing Peng, this CD features 12 songs performed by violinist Zheng Tan in different styles, each with its own story. The track "Abschied Am Gleis 8" is behind the sound of waves, free but lonesome. It is like a quiet country road at night, pitch black and cold, but so beautiful it makes your heart ache. "Zigeunernacht" is a continuation of the first track, but features the frenetic rhythm of a crazed dancer and intense violin music that takes your breath away. The next track, "Schicusalsfluss", slows down the pace. The opening features a single flute, symbolizing the simplicity of life, with additional instruments added later, like complications in life and its surroundings, before stepping back into peace at the very end. "Mitternachtliches Treiben" has attention-grabbing trumpets that seem to deliberately break the peace, and a fast-paced violin, which adds to the urgency, like running footsteps. Compared to the last few tracks, "Fado" is a lot more sedate while "Tanz Der Gaukler" is powerful and vibrant, like a determined wanderer. "Kindliche Entdeckungesfreude" is like a carefree child with its crystal-like piano music, whereas "Tango 1999" is sensitive, with an added tinge of loss that cannot be hidden. Each song on this album is perfect. The CD comes with sheet music, helping listeners make their own interpretations of these melodies. --By Purple Strong Yang, translated by Cara Steenstra


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