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Naked Cafe (MeiCun branch)

NYC is the inspiration for this swanky new Naked Cafe branch, located next door to its previous MeiCun premises (to be renovated/reopened later). Natural light pours in through glass walls onto the stylish black and white tiled floors and walls, with indoor/outdoor seating for over 80. A variety of new food and drink offerings also sets it apart from four other Naked Cafe branches, including Taiwan’s first selection of long ring-shaped, sesame-covered Jerusalem Bagels (NT$80-130), chewier than normal bagels and offered with Naked Style Fire Pork, Italian Meatball, Smoked Salmon, Blueberry Cheese and other options, plus six rice/noodle dishes (NT$129-169) like Asia Style Chicken Rice, Italian Meatball Noodles with Tomato Sauce, and Naked Style Green or Red Curry Rice. There are also breakfast sets, salads, focaccia, croissants, and double sandwiches. New drinks like single-origin pour over coffees (NT$95-120) and carbonated Taiwan Plum, Peach Vinegar and other “Bubble Soda” choices join a wide range of tea and coffee beverages.

尼克 (美村店) Naked Cafe (MeiCun branch)
575, MeiCun Rd, Sec 1, West Dist
(04) 2378-3161
7 am-4 pm (年後營業至 8:40 pm)
Hours: 7 am-4 pm (to 8:40 pm after lunar new year)

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Written by 何道明 Douglas Habecker

Douglas Habecker is the editor-in-chief of Compass Magazine


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尼克 (美村店)