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National Day fireworks show returns to Taichung: A musical, visual extravaganza for the Double Ten holiday

After a nine-year hiatus, Taiwan’s National Day fireworks show will once again light up Taichung’s night skies, ensuring that the city will be packed with an abundance of exciting events in October, from amazing pyrotechnics to the driving rhythms of rock music and melodies of jazz.

Nonstop exciting events:

Oct. 7-8 Rock in Taichung─’Fly To The Future’ 

The opening act for the Double Ten holiday will be the Rock in Taichung festival, taking place over two days at Wenxin Forest Park with a variety of passionate performances. This year’s theme is “Fly To The Future”, expressing the intent of leading rock fans into the future as they embrace the spirit of rock together. The impressive lineup includes renowned punk band Fire EX., Golden Melody Award-nominated Mandarin male singer The Crane, popular Taiwanese rock band Sorry Youth, YouTube influencer/musician (with over 70 million total views) Your Woman Sleep with Others Band, emerging band Mango Jump, Golden Melody Award Best New Artist nominee Chih Siou, and other local Taichung bands. Over 30 bands will take to the stage, including international groups from Thailand, South Korea, Japan and other countries, making Taichung the ultimate October destination for music lovers to revel in youthful and passionate musical energy. For more information about the festival, please visit the official Facebook page:

Rock in Taichung Facebook page

Oct. 9-10 2023 National Day Fireworks in Taichung 

A series of Double Ten National Day fireworks events will provide a grand spectacle at Taichung Central Park over a two-day national celebration festival. On Oct. 9, Taichung will be enchanted with a special drone performance that paints the night sky with the city’s unique characteristics, accompanied by local art and cultural teams, jazz music and other energetic artistic performances for an exceptionally exciting event. On Oct. 10, everyone will be treated to a brilliant National Day evening celebration. In addition to various exciting performances, there will be a 36-minute fireworks show that illuminates the night with a colorful brilliance, complemented by a swarm of drones in a visual feast that should not be missed.

Regarding public transportation, those using the High Speed Rail or MRT can take the Taichung MRT Green Line to either Wenhua Senior High School Station or Wenxin Yinghua Station. From there, they can follow signs on a 20-25 minute walk to the park. Or visitors can transfer to a Taichung City Hall Line shuttle bus at the MRT’s Taichung City Hall Station to reach the event venue. If you are traveling by train, it is best to get off at the Taichung Railway Station and transfer to a Songzhu Line shuttle bus. All visitors are encouraged to use public transportation. For additional bus transfer information, please use the Taichung City Bus Information website (, Taichung Bus app, or Taichung Transportation Network app.

For those who prefer to drive to the event, there are six car parking lots around the main venue. There are also parking lots and spaces in the Fengjia Shopping District, around the Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, and in the Taichung City Hall Park area, all connected to the event venue with shuttle buses. Those parking in the No. 6 and 8 parking lots (near Fengjia Shopping District) can transfer to the Shui Nan Line shuttle bus. Those parking by the Intercontinental Baseball Stadium can take the Intercontinental Line shuttle bus, and those parking at Taichung City Hall Park parking lot can take the City Hall Line shuttle bus to get to the event venue.

Oct. 13-22 Taichung Jazz Festival–’Rise of the City’ 

An annual favorite of music enthusiasts, Taichung Jazz Festival will take place in mid-October. This year’s theme is “Rise of the City” and the festival will bring internationally renowned jazz groups together with top Taiwanese jazz artists for performances that weave various musical threads together and ignite some unique artistic sparks. With a powerful lineup of over 22 acts, this year’s festival promises to offer a musical feast of jazz at Taichung Civic Square over 10 consecutive days. For more information about the festival, please visit the official Facebook fan page ( or the event’s official website (

Taichung Jazz Fetival official website

Taichung Jazz Festival Facebook page

Monthly events spread happiness across Taichung

Throughout the second half of this year, right up to the end of 2023, there will be exciting events and performances every month. The Taichung Shopping Festival will begin in late October and be followed by the Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival and Taichung Picnic Day in November. As the year comes to an end, there will also be a Taichung Christmas Carnival and New Year’s Eve celebrations. This series of consecutive events promises nonstop enjoyment and excitement.  Everyone is invited to enjoy Taichung’s delicious cuisine, explore its scenic and urban beauty, and experience the unique charms of this city!

For more information, please download the The Taichung Pass and Shopping Festival app.

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Written by 何道明 Douglas Habecker

Douglas Habecker is the editor-in-chief of Compass Magazine


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