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National Taichung Theater

An amazing communion of architectural
aesthetics, art and life

If Taiwan is a treasure-filled museum, the National Taichung Theater (NTT) can be described as Joan Miro’s “Venus” at the Louvre, displaying a power and beauty that transcends space and time. Confirming this status is the fact that over five million people have visited this new Taiwan landmark since it opened in September, 2016.

Designed by world-renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito and his team, NTT stands among the world’s new top nine architectural landmarks. Its natural-design concept uses 58 curved wall units, giant windows and glass walls that allow plenty of natural light into the interior. The cave-like ambiance does not feel oppressive but instead offers a softness in its curved walls. This surrounds three main performance venues able to accommodate a wide variety of events–a 2,007-seat grand theater, 800-seat theater and 200-seat black box (amphitheater)–plus a rooftop garden with a performance stage. Stepping into this architectural masterpiece gives you the simultaneous sensation of being in avant-garde surroundings that still exude the ambiance of a primitive cave, a bit like traveling back in time. The eye-opening interior perspectives entice visitors to explore every nook and corner. Natural light from various directions warms up the cool concrete walls and high ceilings, while various sounds fills the air, creating a stereoscopic effect and subtle sense of being in a forest. Looking out the theater’s windows at night onto views of the surrounding Charlotte Park and lights of the city, glowing like stars, is another unforgettable experience.

NTT hosts over 300 shows per year, serving as a central Taiwan gateway for international performing arts, providing professional software, hardware and technical services for local domestic and international performers, and offering local residents with high-quality auditory and visual enjoyment. The theater also works to fulfill a mission of becoming a part of local residents’ lives. This is achieved by inviting people to enjoy its outdoor theater and various performance documentaries, through its “Theater Salon” series of lectures and courses, and via cooperation with businesses to promote art education with the goal of expanding knowledge of the arts to schools, remote areas and other locations. Such efforts put NTT at the forefront of efforts to develop a deeper artistic environment.

Since June, 2019, NTT has offered guide services to visitors (including multi-language and sign language guides–see official website for more details), leading them on an in-depth experience of the theater and its aesthetics. Besides its three performance spaces, there are commercial areas designed by NTT and VVG, showcasing dozens of international design brands and allowing visitors to relax, browse and shop. There are also food and beverage venues on the building’s first, fifth and sixth floors, allowing you personal enjoyment of a cup of coffee, afternoon tea time, alcoholic beverage or social gathering with friends and relatives, surrounded by the wonders of this central Taiwan architectural jewel.

西屯區惠來路二段101號 / 101, HuiLai Rd, Sec 2, Xitun Dist
(04) 2551- 1777 (phone service hour: 10 am-8 pm)
開館時間 Hours: 週一休館/closed Mon
週日,週二至週四/Sun, Tue- Thu 11:30 am-9 pm
週五至週六及國定假日/Fri-Sat & national holidays 11:30 am-10 pm
售票/會員服務台、紀念品店 Ticket counter/service counter/souvenir shop: 11:30 am-8 pm
商場營業時間 Shops opening hours: 週日至週四/Sun-Thu 11:30 am-9 pm ;
週五至週六及國定假日/Fri-Sat & national holidays 11:30 am-10 pm
Official website:

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Written by 革叡 Rachel An


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