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Nola Kitchen

This restaurant offers Cajun food commonly associated with New Orleans, with dishes like Gumbo (NT$360) and Jambalaya (NT$360) reminding customers of everyday Louisiana-style dining. The Gumbo stew is cooked with a strong-flavored stock thickened with file powder and served with seafood or chicken/sausage over rice. The seasonings of the Jambalaya dish hint at its Spanish paella roots. In addition, a New Orleans specialty–a French-inspired dessert called Beignet (NT$120)–is also available. These square fried dough treats are best savored with Cafe au Lait (NT$140), made with a blend of coffee and chicory, to complete a meal. Among drinks is a New Orleans invention, the Hurricane (NT$350), a cocktail concoction with a glut of rum. Surrounded by family-friendly ambiance that includes an indoor play area and New Orleans jazz music, patrons can enjoy a leisurely taste of Cajun cooking. –By Judy Tan Lee Choo Translated by Anna Yang

192, ChongDe 5th Rd, Beitun Dist
(04) 2242-7662
平日/weekdays 11:30 am-10 pm, 周末/weekends 10 am-10 pm

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