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Known for its excellent beer and curry selections, Orgasmo has relocated to this larger location, conveniently facing the Dongxing Parking Lot. The spacious interior is decorated with an eclectic mix–from hanging lamps to Star Wars posters–and seats around 50 at a long red-brick bar and wood-topped tables, in addition to an outside area. The sizable alcoholic selection includes about 15 beers on tap, including Orgasmo’s own Mental Healing IPA (NT$270, 400ml), Taichung-brewed Hat Trick AAA (NT$250), Hoegaarden Witbier, and the Vietnamese Heart of Darkness Loose Rivet NE IPA (NT$280). Three Mojito varieties (NT$280-330) top the cocktail list and there are 15-16 types of gin. The main dining menu (5:30-9 p.m.) centers on nine filling curry options (NT$195-240) handmade with high-quality ingredients, from Beef Curry with Rice, made with USDA Choice Beef, to Deep-Fried Thick Pork Cutlet Curry Rice. Several kiln-baked 11-inch pizza options are also among choices also available on the late-night, post-9 p.m. menu.

(04) 2323-7077
55, JingMing 2nd St,
West Dist
5 pm-12 midnight

Don’t drink & drive

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Written by 何道明 Douglas Habecker

Douglas Habecker is the editor-in-chief of Compass Magazine


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