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Potala Restaurant

On the Art Museum Parkway, this Tibetan restaurant is run by Dolma from Tibet and Joshi from India. Dolma’s decorations immerse diners in a Tibetan family-style setting, filled with auspicious totems and warm colors. Skilled at cooking Tibetan cuisine, Joshi has worked at famous Indian hotels such as the JP Group of Hotels and The Manu Maharani. Tibetan and Indian menus provide a variety of dishes like the eye-catching, aromatic Fish Tandoor, prepared with Indian spices, yogurt and chopped fish in a traditional kiln, and flavorful, appetizing Tibetan Chili Potato. Spicy and juicy steamed Tibetan Beef/Mutton Momo dumplings (NT$120-140 for 10) are stuffed with spices, onions, peppers and other ingredients. Tibetan Lamb Chop (NT$450), Seekh Kebab (NT$270), Tibetan Blue Cheese (NT$280), Tibetan Stewed Beef/Lamb (NT$240) and crispy, scrumptious Tibetan Deep-Fried Beef/Lamb Pastries (NT$100 for four) are available, as are Indian meat/seafood curries, Tandoori beef, lamb, chicken, shrimp and vegetable dishes, and Tsampa roasted flour (NT$80), Tibetan Steamed Buns (NT$40), naan bread and rice (NT$20).

西區五權西三街105號 (04) 2377-0299
105, WuQuan W 3rd St, West Dist
11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-10 pm
(週三公休/closed Wed)

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