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Really Vega(This place has since closed.)

The meals here range from healthy vegetarian brunches to ovo-lacto vegetarian lunches and dinners and customers can enjoy the cozy dining area all day long. The young chef uses seasonal fruit and vegetables from Puli Township and Toushe Basin (頭社盆地), including mushrooms, gourds, pumpkins and passionfruit, as his ingredients. This fresh produce is cultivated by local farmers in natural environments with clean water sources. Garden Party Fried Egg (NT$168) is presented with many colorful vegetables, while Love Yourself Panini features a salad, french fries, fresh fruit, buttered egg, black tea and yogurt. Mashed Potatoes Shepherd Pie (NT$168) is made with a creamy white sauce infused with celery and basil, and its soft mashed potatoes topped with cheese are not a bit oily. This place also occasionally offers life consulting (for those experiencing doubts in life) over coffee and exquisite dishes. The range of dining offerings ensures that everyone, including non-vegetarians, can enjoy dining here. –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang

西屯區成都路232號 (04) 2316-8690
232, ChengDu Rd, Xitun Dist
11 am-8:30 pm (週一休/closed Mon)

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