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Riding Taichung’s tourist bus to Guguan, enjoying attractions along Romantic Route 3

Since its inauguration, the Taichung Tourist Bus Route 153-Guguan Line has earned popularity among many travelers. In addition to enjoying must-see mountainous attractions like Shigang, Dongshi and Guguan along its route, you can now also participate in the Romantic Route 3 Art Festival, organized for the second year by the Executive Yuan’s Hakka Affairs Council to promote the timeless charms of mountain towns.

Art highlights along the mountains of Romantic Route 3 

This second Romantic Route 3 Art Festival is divided into three exhibition areas. The third exhibition area’s Taichung Dongshi area is the southernmost section and includes 11 artworks, mostly scattered around Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, Dongshi Forestry Culture Park and the surrounding Da Maopu (大茅埔) area. These works integrate elements from local life, culture, ecology, historical stories and industries, not only preserving and transmitting a Hakka cultural inheritance but also giving it a modern significance. This exhibition will be accessible until Aug. 27 and visitors are welcome to take the Taichung Tourist Bus Route 153-Guguan Line to Dongshi Station, Dongshi Forestry Culture Park Station, Da Maopu Station and other stops to enjoy leisurely strolls and admire the beauty of Hakka art.

Savoring peaceful mountain moments in Shigang, Dongshi, Guguan

Taichung is the southern access point for Romantic Route 3, also known as Hakka Cultural Avenue, which boasts numerous rich cultural assets and natural resources. Taichung Tourist Bus Route 153-Guguan Line, traveling through the mountains and forests, makes these more convenient for travelers to explore. Starting from the Taichung High Speed Rail Station, the bus stops at many popular attractions along the way, offering beautiful scenery and pleasant views that are worth taking in.

The verdant Dongfeng Bikeway offers an abundance of cultural scenes along an old railway and is perfect for visits by families and photography enthusiasts. You can also continue your journey to the Jiufang 3D Painted Village, where lifelike artworks come to life before your eyes, taking you into a fairy tale world.

The Dongshi area features the Dongshi Forestry Culture Park, combining local forestry history with ecological elements. It also includes the Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, whose traditional charm allows visitors to appreciate modern Hakka culture through its bricks and tiles. As visitors begin to understand the past here they gain insights into the present, witnessing the beauty of the Hakka heritage. In the meantime, the Guguan area offers bountiful ecological resources with lush mountain forests providing unique mountains, mists and foggy landscapes. The region is famous for its hot springs, delightful cuisine and distinctive indigenous culture, captivating throughout the year. During spring and summer, you can wander through the mountains, surrounded by greenery that soothes your body and mind. In autumn and winter, you can indulge in a relaxing hot spring journey, making this a popular destination for all seasons.

In addition to the beautiful, pleasant scenery, there are also unique snacks, classic Hakka dishes and delectable specialties in the Dongshi and Baileng areas. You can enjoy local delicacies such as Stuffed Egg Pancakes and the Michelin Bib Gourmand recommended Whole Beef Dishes, exclusive to Dongshi. If you have extra time, I highly recommend planning a two-day itinerary for a leisurely exploration of Taichung’s mountainous regions.

Take advantage of the summer vacation season and enjoy a romantic encounter with this mountain-filled city. Explore the beauty of the Hakka culture, savor local delicacies and indulge in art. For detailed event locations and information regarding this year’s Romantic Route 3 Art Festival, please refer to the event website. For more information about transportation and itinerary planning, you can visit the Taichung Tourism website’s Taichung Tourist Bus section.

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