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Located in quiet Liming Village, this eatery offers Thai-style curry dishes and its Southeast Asian wooden knickknacks and cotton decorations make this a cozy venue for a relaxing meal. For those who like it spicy, Green Curry Rice with Beef and Salad (NT$288) is recommended. Served with a eye-catching mountain-shaped mound of rice, this entree’s lemongrass and fresh spices, combined with coconut paste and handmade humus, make it both fragrant and mouthwatering. If you’re not much of a curry eater, try classic Thai sweet-and-sour dish Thai Noodle Salad (NT$199), prepared with juicy chicken and lettuce plus a sauce created with over 10 fresh spices and fish sauce. The healthy Thai Milk Tea (NT$159), made with natural coconut sugar, is mildly sweet and all drinks here are discounted by NT$50 when ordered alongside an entree. –By Evangeline Lin Translated by Anna Yang

南屯區干城街107號 (04) 2252-7272
107, GanCheng St, Nantun Dist
週三、四、五/Wed-Fri 5 pm-9 pm,
週六、日/Sat-Sun 11:30 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
(週一、二休/closed Mon-Tue)
Minimum order 1 drink or meal (not including bread)
per person

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