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Shimizu Uji

Located near Providence and Hungkuang universities, this matcha shop’s Japanese ambiance includes a cozy tatami private room, wooden tables and chairs and space for up to 45. Tea leaves from Japan’s second-largest tea house, Yamamasa Koyamaen, are offered and owner Anna Li stresses food presentation and flavors. Among the options is a platter with five desserts–ice cream, mochi cake, taiyaki (a fish-shaped dessert) and two cakes of the day–as well as red beans, glutinous balls and fruit. The top-selling Matcha Crepe Cake is steamed and garnished with flower petals to give it a very Japanese appearance, while Soft-Hearted is another pastry dessert with spongy filling that goes great with richly-flavored matcha (green tea). Shimizu Uji Soda, a refreshing lemon soda, is also quite enjoyable with desserts. Cheese Cottage Foam is a smooth, slightly-salty drink topped with cottage cheese, and the Matcha Ice Cream in a charcoal-flavored cone provides a very unique flavor. –By Mandy Guo and Susan Chen Translated by Ariel Ke

沙鹿區台灣大道7段380號 0988-384-359
380,Taiwan Blvd, Sec 7,1F, Shalu Dist
1:30-9:30 pm

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