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Culture Corner, About Town, Up Close and Cover Story Features:
Fall, 2008
National Museum of Taiwanese Literature marks 5th anniversary with fun events |
Winter, 2007
A Museum of Literature, beautifying Tainan |
Feb. 2006
Tainan and Chiayi Movie Theatres |


What's New Locations From Past Issues:

Apr. 2007
Jhongdu Tangrong Brick-Kiln Park |
Jan. 2007
Monkeying Around: The Formosan Macaques on Wushan | Sinhua Forest Arboretum |
Oct. 2006
2006 Taichung Jazz Festival showcases top foreign, local jazz talent |
Sep. 2006
Get Stoked On Surfing |
Aug. 2006
The Harbour City's New and Growing Sport: Kaohsiung International Sailing School | Learning To Love Taiwanese Opera |
July 2006
Fresh, Funky, Fantastic: Fink | Rising Above: The Beauty Of Paragliding | Six Scenic Spots in South Taiwan |
June 2006
Pickles, Pomelos & Quaint Houses: The Town Of Madou |
May. 2006
Vespa - Classic, Not Plastic | Take a Train ! |
Apr. 2006
Dahu Jian Mountain | Oriented.com - Not your average Happy Hour... | Rock'N'Roll By The Sea: May Jam 2006 |
Mar. 2006
A Shrine In The Hills: Holy Glory Temple |
Dec. 2004
Love so deep-Taiwan Dr.dog | The Myths Behind lmperial Jade Shroude From Ancient China-An Exquisite Exhibition at Macrocosm Merryland in Hualien | Visiting the home of master¡GLin Yutang's House | Winter2004/5¡GA perected balance of the sexes,part2 | Camping on Yushan's Doorstep¡GTatajia | Crome Relic's Glam-Rock Revival |
Sep. 2004
An Amis master keeps bamboo beauty alive |
August. 2004
Finding The Best Swimsuit | Digging Out The History Of Fort Zeelandia |
July 2004
2004 Men's Summer Fashion | Five Hours On Green Island | The 2004 International Drum Festival | Exploring the Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Art from The Louvre |
June 2004
Evening Wear: Let's Jazz It Up! | TaiNan National College Of The Arts' Downtown Art Center |
May. 2004
Summer 2004 Trend Watch: Optimism | Savoring the sweet taste of Taiwan's wines and liqueurs | Museum of Chiayi City | Sontenkan Family Bali Theme Park
Apr. 2004
Party Dress | An Interview With Lee Xin: At The Turn Of Life--Flamenco | Chiayi Flea Market Brings Together Wandering Artists |
Mar .2004
Summer 2004 at a glance: Color trends | International Dajia Festival Celebrate Matsu's birthday |
Feb .2004
Bohemia sweeps through Taiwan |

Jan .2004
Anping Township Cultural & Historical Studio | 2004 Spring And Summer Purse Trends |
Chiayi Tourist Fish Market ,I Know Pet Shop |
ZaHaMu Taiwanese Aboriginal Cultural Center |
Art Site of Chiayi Railway Warehouse | ShinHua Bicycle Trail Network |
Karaoke train to Alishan | Salt Mountain |
Nov. 2002
Pei Men Station Pocket Park |