FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2003. VOL.3 ISSUE 7

Mushroom Kitchen

197, MingHua 1st Rd., TzuoYing, Kaohsiung City
(07) 556-1821
Hours: 11 am-6 am


A Feast Of Fungus: Mushroom Kitchen

By Hillary Chang
Translated by Ellie Ma
Photos by Christina Hsieh

      Mushroom Kitchen is spacious, distinctive, and suitable for families.

      The floor-to-ceiling windows give customers a feeling of comfort and elegance; there are indoor and outdoor dining areas. The garden is full of colorful flowers, with a booth that sells bouquets. Fountains lend a cool and refreshing ambiance; coconut trees add a tropical touch. Many customers enjoy their dessert or beverage sitting on a rocking chair.

      According to the manager, Mr. Wang, the owners invested lots of money to learn cooking skills in Kunming (a city in the southwestern part of mainland China), because they wanted to give customers something unique and delicious.

      Some elements have been changed to better satisfy Taiwanese tastes. The end result is a range of healthy mushroom hot pots which cost from NT$399 to NT$699 per person, and can be shared by one to four people.

      The appetizer is water-cooked mushroom with a special wasabi sauce.

     The main course, the hot pot, has three different tastes. The first is a soup that has been stewed for 13 hours with more than nine different kinds of imported mushrooms. The second involves adding chicken or fish heads together with in-season mushrooms to the hot pot. The taste becomes more savory. Finally, tender pork, beef, mutton, various meatballs, fish balls, and vegetables are tossed in to create another special flavor.

      To meet the needs of strict vegetarians, Mushroom Kitchen uses a different set of dishes, spoons, chopsticks and pots for vegetarian customers.

      Every table has a small drawer, which contains tissue paper, spoons, chopsticks, and toothpicks. Customers can use them whenever they need, without having to call the waiter and wait to use.

     The minimum charge per person is NT$220. Coffees are from NT$120 to NT$180, but dessert is free. After 8 pm, the restaurant offers barbecued specialties