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FYI SOUTH Magazine, August 2006.



168, SanDuo 3rd Road, Kaohsiung City
(07) 726-6316
Hours: Everyday 10:30 am-11:10 pm

--By Pieter Vorster and Steven Crook Translated by Annie Liu

Arguably one of Japan's finest culinary exports, Teppenyaki (also known as Tepanyaki) makes for a visually interesting, tasty meal. Teppenyaki refers to the process of frying a selection of vegetables and meats on a metal counter-top in full view of waiting diners. Meats on offer include beef (NT$90), pork/chicken/mutton (NT$80 - NT$90), fish (cod or salmon - NT$90), crab (NT$120) and shrimp (NT$100). Vegetables are mostly the normal fare and go for around NT$80. Your order is accompanied by bean sprouts and cabbage and you can choose to add fried egg for NT$30. All of this is then eaten with a bowl of rice (NT$10). One of its biggest attractions, apart from the low prices, is that you can have your meal and be on your way in less than 30 minutes if you so choose. Kaohsiung's best-known Teppenyaki outlets can be found on SanDuo 3rd Road, JiouRu 2nd Road (just East of where JiouRu crosses MinTzu after the underpass) and on the corner of MingCheng and FuMin Roads (although the latter is under different ownership). English menus are available, but otherwise it's Chinese only.