FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2006.

Ocean Blue Restaurant

---By Pieter Vorster Translated by Annie Liu

(08) 886-2600
111, Kenting Road (Kenting Main Strip), HengChun Town
Hours:Everyday 11 am-11 pm (winter); 12 pm (summer)

The mass amounts of food stalls, shops, hotels, restaurants - and people - that line Kenting's main strip can be intimidating at the best of times. More often than not, the "go-with-what-you-know" approach is the best one. This is especially true of Ocean Blue Restaurant. With an established reputation for fast, friendly service, good food at affordable prices and a relaxed atmosphere, they continue to satisfy regular and new customers.

The interior is spacious and comfortable with bright surf-oriented murals lining the walls. The resident DJ plays tunes you may recognize from your own collection, effectively cutting you off from the street noise without interfering in your culinary conversation. Another outstanding feature is the kitchen and staff's ability to cater to larger groups with an ease uncommon to many other establishments.

Ocean Blue's menu is divided into four categories: Asian Flavour, Local Favourites, Western Selections and offerings from the bar. Amongst the Asian Flavours, this writer can confidently recommend the Thai Fried Noodles with either pork, beef, chicken or seafood (NT$180) and the Green Papaya Salad (NT$200). Local Favourites include offerings like Gong Bau Chicken (NT$200) and Stir Fried Pork with Bamboo Shoot (NT$180); while the Western Selections promise satisfaction in the form of a Beef sub (NT$180) or Seafood Paella (NT$150). A Supper Menu is available from 10pm until closing time, including Samoosa (NT$200) and the OB Special Fried Chicken (NT$180).

The bartenders excel at preparing cocktails and mixed drinks (from NT$160) and the DITA Cherry is a must-try. They stock a selection of beers (from NT$120) and even offer Sangria (NT$300). If you want to avoid alcohol, try their fresh fruit juices or the virgin Mai Tai or Pina Colada. Special mention must be made of Ocean Blue's Coffee Orio Smoothie (NT$200), which is a desert in it's own right!