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FYI SOUTH Magazine, April 2007.
303, YuCheng Rd, ZuoYing District,
Kaohsiung City
(07) 558-3222
Hours: 24hours
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.


People watching. Al fresco seating. Cool coffee concoctions. Can you picture a better combination for an evening out on the town? Urbanites who enjoy watching passers-by while sipping a coffee and chatting with friends at an outdoor cafe could agree that the location of such an establishment is key. Pulsate, the latest cafe to join the plethora of new outing options in ZouYing, is just such a place. Keeping in mind that some people like to see and be seen, the designer of Pulsate created an elevated seating area that overlooks the busy intersection of YuCheng and FuGuo roads. As the owner explains, the outside deck allows customers to observe the bustling streets nearby, while simultaneously being seen. With a sister location in FongShan, Pulsate is run by the owner of Dear Moon Restaurant on the southern shore of Cheng Ching Lake. Though an English menu is still in the works, some staff members speak English quite well, ensuring that locals and expatriates alike can share in the 24-hour, see-and-be-seen setting. --By Michael Brown and Pei Ling Wu, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Michael Brown