FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2005


Written and translated by Dora Chiu Photos courtesy of Kaohsiung County Government

The Lakeside Starlight Music Festival, organized by the Tourism and Traffic Bureau of Kaohsiung County Government, is set to transform unused land surrounding ChengCing Lake into a modern recreation area with an international basketball field, a park with a spectacular open-air stage, a performing arts center, and a new tourist information center.

The Lakeside Starlight Music Festival in DaPi Road Park is different to many other music events in that it has an experimental purpose--it aims to embed performing arts into a public space where people can freely appreciate the diverse beauty of music, and enjoy a soulful moment of lying down on the grass, looking up at the starry night sky, and listening to a live concert.

The music festival starts on October 15 and lasts for eight days. The program includes top musicians from the genre of world music, such as master flutist Ron Korb, and popular percussionist Chen Zimbalista from Israel.

If you fancy jazz, pop, or ethnic music, you won't be disappointed. Also, the woods of the park will be equipped with sound systems, and you'll smell the scents of coffee and tea. Moreover, there will be a stage for buskers and interactive community activities. Come and see the open-air bars, where you can enjoy a beer with friends, and be embraced by the arty aroma. Admission to all performances is free.

Other upcoming events in Kaohsiung County: On October 10, the National Day Fireworks Display will be held at Lover's Wharf, Singdagang, in ChieDing Township in the northwestern corner of the county; and from October 15 to the end of October, the 2005 Taiwan Design Expo will be at WeiWuYing, a former military base.

For details, see, or call Kaohsiung County Government's Tourism and Traffic Bureau at (07) 747-7611 ext 2907.