FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2005

Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise
Sun Yat Sen University, 70, LianHai Road, SiTzeWan Bay
(07) 525-3029
Hours: Morning, afternoon and evening classes available. Call for more details.

Taiwan may not be the first country that comes to mind when one considers studying the French language, culture and cuisine. However, atop Monkey Mountain, in the wild environs of Sun Yat Sen University, there lies a small oasis where you can learn French - and much more. This government-sponsored organisation, trusted with the development and cultivation of French language and culture in Taiwan, may be the answer to all your questions about France.

The Alliance Francaise is a language center recognised by the French government and minister of education. They offer French classes (from beginner to advanced classes) and organise cultural activities about France, such as wine tasting and French dinners. They also offer official examinations to test and certify your level of French proficiency. Plus, learning French becomes even more fun when you are learning how to prepare traditional French dishes - answering the question of what exactly French cuisine is. The association also offers tourist classes (for people wanting to learn the basics before going to France), conversation classes, pronunciation classes and children's classes. The teachers at Alliance Francaise are all trained in teaching French as a foreign language and are always there to help you prepare your next trip to France.

CONVERSATION CLASSES: to practice French regularly with a teacher. 2-hour afternoon classes, once a week, total = 10 hours, sessions are different and one can register for both.
PHILOSOPHY: 20-hour class dedicated to philosophy in French. Advanced level required.
REMISE A NIVEAU: For level 6 or higher students who want to review the syllabus from the beginning.
ATELIER DE CONVERSATION: Working on correct pronunciation in conversation situations. Good way to overcome shyness.
COOKING CLASS: Learning how to cook and speak French simultaneously. Focuses on basic French dishes and learning the basic vocabulary of cooking.
CHILDREN ATELIER: An introduction to French for children aged from 6 to 8. Songs and games will be the basis of the class.
For more detailed class schedules or information, or to subscribe to the newsletter, call or e-mail: afkao@mail.nsysu.edu.tw (Chinese) or estevejustine@hotmail.com (English)