FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2005

Chai Yu Yoga Short-Term Bushiban

259, GuangHua 1st Road, 5F, Kaohsiung
(07) 223-5557
Hours: Mon~Fri/ 6:50 am- 7:40 pm;
Sat/ 8:20 am-6:30 pm

--Written and translated by Amelie Tseng

Do you think Yoga is a difficult form of exercise to learn? Or are you afraid that you will get injured doing Yoga? Don't worry about all these questions! Teacher Ling Ling Liu, who has plenty of experience teaching Yoga, will help you learn with a simple and easily understandable class. Through various stretching exercises and special breathing techniques, helping your body to gain appropriate relaxation and relieving mental pressure, the beneficial effects of Yoga can be achieved. And once Yoga becomes second nature, you will be able to listen your body's "voice" when you concentrate. Since you'll understand your body better, it can heal itself. When you are in the early stages of learning and feel uncomfortable, there are some simple movements to relieve and smooth the muscle tissue, allowing your body to feel "freed" after finishing a Yoga class. According to Teacher Liu, Yoga is not aimed at challenging yourself through difficult motions, but rather to use these simple actions at any time to keep our body healthy. "Make Yoga a part of our life. Life is Yoga, Yoga is life!"