FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2005

Yang Jing Yoga World

79, JhongHua Road, 3F, Kaohsiung
(07) 215-7277
Hours: Mon - Sat 8 am-9 pm; Sun 8 am-4 pm
( Hours are subject to times of classes. Call for more information.)

During lunch break, there is a crowd of people who take some time away from their heavy workload to do Yoga. Some are office workers who want to lose weight, some are housewives who treat this as their daily exercise amongst chores and some are young students who use their vacation time to learn this fashionable form of exercise. Although their purposes are not quite the same, you can still see a similar happiness in their facial expressions. Yoga helps their bodies gain appropriate relaxation and release and alleviates their moods. The classes that YangJing Yoga World teaches are designed as a combination of traditional Indian Yoga, American Yoga and Pilates. Not only do they take teaching Yoga very seriously, but they also want to offer a comfortable space for those people who are interested in Yoga. As such YangJing Yoga World comes complete with changing rooms, showers and even a tearoom. This year two branches of YangJing are celebrating their eleventh anniversary, so they are offering anniversary discounts until the end of October. Check their website for more details.