FYI SOUTH Magazine, January 2006


---By Steven Crook Translated by Annie Liu

Several hills in Taiwan are called Hutoushan, "Tiger's Head Mountain." The one in Tainan County is a modest 239 meters in height, and it's possible to drive all the way to the ridge at the top. But the views to be had from this peak, combined with the presence of two very pleasant restaurants, makes it a good destination for a daytrip.
Located just outside Yujing, Hutoushan overlooks a stretch of the Zengwun River. If the weather's clear, you can expect to see much of the Alishan Mountain Range, and also parts of the Central Mountain Range.

With the sun shining on them, the bare clay hills near Zoumalai Recreational Farm are a striking sight, especially in comparison with the lush greenery elsewhere. The small town of Nansi, a few kilometers to the northeast, looks especially compact when seen from up here.

This is prime fruit-farming land: Yujing is famous for its mangoes, but from the top of Hutoushan you'll see far more papaya groves, almost all of them covered with fine mesh netting to protect the fruit from birds.
The two restaurants on Hutoushan are similar in terms of price and style. Both offer outdoor seating with excellent views, set meals for NT$200 to NT$300, plus various hot and cold beverages. However, if you visit on a weekday, you may find one or both establishments closed.

To get to Hutoushan, drive first to Yujing. From Tainan City, the best road is Taiwan Highway 20 (also known as the Southern Cross-Island Highway). From Kaohsiung, take Taiwan Highway 3 to the village of Beiliao, then turn left into Yujing. From points north, take Expressway 84. This east-west road is linked to both north-south freeways, and terminates in Yujing. Once in Yujing, follow the bilingual signs to Hutoushan.