FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2006


-- By Don Quan Translated by Annie Liu

Spring Scream is over, and the May Jam had another successful run. So now everyone can forget about seeing any bands or performances for the rest of the year, right? Not true. While southern Taiwan's live music scene only seems to draw attention during the spring, you should know that there are shows happening all the time.

The current trend is to go see a DJ, but for those who still prefer live music, this issue of FYI South sees the beginning of a monthly feature highlighting the rock 'n roll culture. Unbeknownst to most, there is a vibrant music scene in south Taiwan, and we'll keep you informed about the best bands in the south, and the best places to sate your desire for rock 'n roll. Live shows featuring original music occur at least once a month, and there is no shortage of original artists that cover musical styles from punk/hardcore (Naff Off, Fire Extinguisher) to folk (Glory) to indie-pop (We Save Strawberries, We Will Love Each Other Forever) to ska (Shy Kick Apple). Quite often, local performances are either at a free open-air concert, or at a live venue with a very cheap cover charge (around NT$150).

This month, we are pleased to inform you of a brand new venue that will showcase live bands monthly! The WombBloc Art Space at La Strada Coffee House (67, JhongJheng 2nd Road, Kaohsiung). There will be five acts altogether, featuring Taiwanese folk singer Glory (probably the closest thing to Joni Mitchell Taiwan has ever seen), and several other indie-rock/pop bands. Admission is a paltry NT$200, and includes free drinks. Come out and support the local music scene!