FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2006

D'ecoupage Art School

(07) 723-7365
2, Lane 80, LinCyuan Street, LingYa District, kaohusiung City
Hours:11 am-6 pm (closed Mondays)

--By Amelie Tseng, translated by Cara Steenstra

D'ecoupage is a technique used in the US to refurbish old furniture, and it has also been developed into an art where tradition meets trend. Teacher Chen Yun Hui and a few other d'ecoupage-loving teachers introduced this technique to Taiwan and set up their own workshop. D'ecoupage originated in the East but developed when it reached Europe; this art places an emphasis on how beauty should be present and available in everyday life. By using your imagination, items such as glass, wood, metaland clots can be torn, cut, pasted or painted to create elegant clocks, cute aprons, rustic furniture or even gorgeous tableware. The technique is not difficult, and if you are not great at drawing, you can also cut and paste to achieve pleasing results. Apart from promoting the concept of art and beauty, it is hoped that the development of this art form could help stimulate other related industries, so that art and industry can unite and develop together.