FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2006

Love River "Love Boat"

(07) 749-7100
Hours:4 pm-11 pm

As everyone in South Taiwan knows, the Love River runs through the center of Kaohsiung City, and it has been cleaned up in recent years. It's now possible to enjoy a 20-minute cruise on the river in a small boat for just NT$50 per person. Those aged 65 or older can get half-price tickets. You can buy tickets and board the boats on either side of the river, about 150 meters south of JhongJheng Road. There are no booking offices; just look for the white 20-seater vessels and the uniformed staff. A voyage sets out every 15 minutes. The upper reaches of the Love River are not navigable--the love boats go as far north as the JianGuo Bridge; in the other direction, they turn around just inland of the Kaohsiung Bridge, which takes WuFu Road over the water. You can see the Kaohsiung History Museum, the Municipal Film Archives, plus various waterbirds, and people fishing and exercising. Nighttime cruises are especially popular. --By Steven Crook, translated by Annie Liu