FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2006

Oscar Digital Theatres(Movies at the WuFu Market)

(07) 241-2128
287, RenZhi St., SinSing District, Kaohsiung City
Hours: Everyday 9:30 am-12:30 pm

The new Oscar Digital Theatres, located in the WuFu market, are up and screening. To find them, walk south along the alley off WuFu on the main market street and look for the huge movie posters above and on your right. This cinema is a nice change from the derelict establishment it replaced in both visual and olfactory senses. It shows newly released movies in theatres where your feet don't stick to the ground, at prices cheaper than larger theatres (NT$190). Basic Kaohsiung theater fare, like sweet potato crisps, popcorn and drinks are available from the front counter. Oscar Theatres also offers 2-year VIP cards for NT$200, entitling you to a 20% discount on Saturdays and a free movie (plus an extra free movie coupon) on your birthday. So if you've wandering around the market with a few hours to kill, or perhaps your significant other wants to do some market browsing and your feet won't hear of it, check out what's playing.

--By Dawn Reid, translated by Annie Liu