FYI SOUTH Magazine, March 2007

Kaohsiung HSR ZuoYing Station

105, GaoTie Rd, ZuoYing District, Kaohsiung City
(02) 6626-8000
Parking available.

Drive in the direction of Tainan on BoAi Road, turn left on ChongSin Road, go straight and you'll see the new Kaohsiung High-Speed Railroad (HSR) ZuoYing Station. This HSR station has the newly-built ZuoYing Train Station right next to it. Most HSR stations feature out-of-the-way locations with planned out taxi schedules and rental car services to accommodate travellers' needs. The availability of a parking lot here certainly made travelling much easier. (If you are on a scooter, drive on BoAi Road, then make a left on DaJhong Road to get to the parking lot.) As far as ticket fares go, taking the regular train from Kaohsiung to Tainan is NT$69 to NT$107. However, HSR travellers will pay NT$140 for Standard class with dining table and hidden hangers, and NT$420 for Business class, which includes all this plus a magazine bag, head pad, reading lamp, personal music system, power outlet, wider broader seats and more facilities and services in the train car. If you are looking to save time, then the HSR option is two to three times quicker. One reminder: Be sure and grab a copy of the HSR timetable before you purchase the ticket. This shows departure and arrival times, helping you avoid purchasing the wrong ticket, as HSR vending machine don't allow passengers to change their selections once they've been made. --By Monica Lin, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Monica Lin