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World Gym Fitness Center Dream Mall

A great place to work out and socialize before or after shopping

(07) 823-3368
789, ZhongHua 5th Rd, 6F, CianJhen District
Hour: 6 am-12 pm Monday-Friday, 6 am-10 pm weekends

World Gym Fitness Center" has opened up a new location in Dream Mall, and have signed up about 4,000 members since their recent opening three months ago. In the gym's cardio and weights area, members can expect to utilize the newest, most professional exercise equipment, along with personal audio and entertainment system. Of course, there is a team of friendly and supportive personal trainers on the spot, ready to give their instructions to the members on how to reach a great physical condition. As far as classes go, the variety includes cycling, RPM Spinning (indoor mountain biking), body balance (combining moves of tai-chi, yoga and the breathing exercises of Pilates). Moreover, try something a bit more energetic like Salsa, incorporating moves of belly dancing, street hip-hop and water aerobics. If you'd like to spend some time finding out about what World Gym has to offer, simply go on line and check their other events and specials. --Words and photos by Amelie Tseng, translated by Ann Lee

World Gym Fitness Center Dream Mall World Gym Fitness Center Dream Mall