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The four cooks here accumulated years of experience at renowned Japanese restaurants before starting their own establishment, offering reasonably-priced, quality, classic Japanese cuisine in a tastefully furnished modern setting. The deceptively simple-looking, but delicious, sushi (Nigiri Sushi NT$40-70, Aburi Sushi NT$$40-120, sushi set meal NT$588) is created with fresh fish shipped in daily from the Penghu islands and complemented by high-grade Sumeshi rice. An item that is unique, even among Taiwan’s ubiquitous Japanese restaurants, is the boxed sushi (NT$210-260), made by pressing the sushi into a box. Another outstanding selection is the humble miso soup (NT$40-70), whose flavor is a good balance of saltiness from the miso paste and sweetness from the carrots and burdock used when cooking the stock. Topping recommendations is the Eel Rice (NT$250), which uses fresh, meticulously-deboned eels, marinated with three sauces to achieve a tender texture and slightly-sweet flavor. -By Judy Tan Lee Choo Translated by Anna Yang

西區五權西四街57號 (04) 2375-7999
57, WuQuan W 4th St, West Dist
11:30 am-2:30 pm, 6-9:30 pm
(週二休/closed Tue)

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