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Svat Hull

From the outside, this shop–hidden on an alleyway–looks exactly like an empty, bright-pink betelnut shop. However, you’ll find something quite different when you push open the refrigerator-style door to enter this nightspot. Svat Hull (“black hole” in northern German) serves up all sorts of basic cocktail options (NT$300-400) as well as creative, unique cocktails and meals (NT$150-420). Besides the common vodka, gin and whiskey bar options, other unique liquors like Peruvian Pisco, Belgian gin, Taiwan’s flavorful Gaoliang and even branded tonic waters can be discovered here. You can also ask the bartender to custom-make a cocktail to match your mood that night. Seating is limited and perfect for smaller group meet-ups. Customers can call and arrange the space for special events. –By Helen Young Translated by Anna Yang

西屯區何厝街86號1樓 (04) 2314-2205
86, HeCuo St, 1F, Xitun Dist
週一至四/Mon-Thu 8 pm-2 am;
週五&六/Fri-Sat 8 pm-3 am
(週日公休/closed Sun)
最低消費350元/Minimum NT$350 order
per person

Don’t drink & drive

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