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Taichung City Government promoting ‘Accommodation Reassurance Plan’, strengthening pandemic prevention to encourage hotel stays

臺中市政府觀光旅遊局 廣告 Sponsored by the Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau

In order to ensure that visitors enjoy safe, healthy stays in the city, Taichung City Government launched its “Accommodation Reassurance Plan” on March 24 in cooperation with local hotels and other residences. Taichung has a total of 512 hotels and homestays eligible for participation in this plan, which provides residences that pass inspections with a “reassured accommodation” sign, displayed by entrances as a form of certification. To date, 301 residences have applied to participate and, among these, 249 (including 33 homestays) have already received “reassured accommodation” signs.

In accordance with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control policies and guest accommodation safety standards, Taichung City Government has implemented the following guidelines for Taichung accommodations:

1. Standard procedures implemented during the pandemic prevention period will be adhered to.

2. Guest residence staff members’ body temperatures will be measured before and after work; concierges and counter staff must wear medical face masks, and housekeeping staff must wear masks, gloves and waterproof aprons at all times at work. 

3. Guest residence public areas need to be sanitized and have alcohol sprays or sanitizers available. The surfaces of objects coming into regular contact with guests must be sterilized with a 75% alcohol solution, and floors should be mopped with 1:100 bleach solutions prepared on the same day.

4. Guest food services should be simple without the overuse of utensils; all food services should be set meals, and utensils and dishware should be sanitized and disinfected.

Taichung City Government and the Taichung Hotel Association are also cooperating to promote the city’s hotel business via special discounts. In addition to regular discounts most hotels offer, discounts are also being given to family members of those facing home quarantines. Currently there are hundreds of Taichung guest residences providing discounts and added-value services. Among these, 79 residences are extending 80% discounts to guests dealing with home-quarantine situations, with additional discounts available for longer stays.

For more information about Taichung hotels and homestays with “reassured accommodation” certification and special discounts, please visit

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