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Taichung City’s Reassured Accommodation Plan offers safe stays and discounts

This advertisement is provided by the Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government.

In order to provide travelers with safe and healthy hotel stays, Taichung City Government has launched its Reassured Accommodation Plan in cooperation with city guest residences. To date, 255 city residences have passed related inspections. All participating businesses are required to follow pandemic prevention processes laid out by the city government, which will also periodically visit and inspect guest residences. Participating residences will display a ‘Reassured Accommodation’ entrance sign and extend 70% discounts on guest stays.

Besides its Reassured Accommodation Plan, Taichung City Government is also providing additional accommodations for the family members of those affected by the pandemic. This means that residences participating in the Reassured Accommodation Plan are not meant for those affected by mandatory home quarantines. Rather, to ease the burden of such individuals and families, the city government is providing the Quarantine Residence program, which includes NT$5,000 subsidies for 14-day stays in designated accommodations by the family members of those facing mandatory quarantines. Applications for these subsidies—available for those who have had stays since March 19—may be made at city district offices for two years following the second day of a stay.

In accordance with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control policies and Taichung City accommodation safety standards and regulations, guest residences are required to strengthen pandemic prevention measures and are inspected by the Taichung Hotel Association and Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau. If residences pass inspections, they will receive a Reassured Accommodation Plan sign and can post it by entrances as a form of recognition. After this happens, the Tourism and Travel Bureau will continue to carry out unannounced spot checks of residences to ensure standards are being maintained. 

Since Taichung City Government began promoting the Reassured Accommodation Plan on March 24, a total of 307 guest residences have applied to participate in this plan, with 255 residences already passing inspections. The city government and city residences are also cooperating to provide discounted rates to visitors. In addition, 73 of these businesses are offering 70% discounts off regular room rates for extended stays by the family members of those undergoing mandatory home quarantines, with even better offers provided for longer stays. For more information about Taichung accommodations for both the Reassured Accommodation Plan and quarantine-affected family members, please visit

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