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Taichung dining and drinking enjoyment with furry friends

Recent years in Taiwan have seen the transformation of dogs and cats from household pets into full-fledged “furry children” and members of the family. Owners can be frequently seen walking their “furkids” in parks during weekends, or pushing them around in pet strollers on shopping trips to malls and other venues. At the same time, a growing number of animal protection groups involved in charitable work for stray animals solicit donations from those wanting to help.
In light of this trend, Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-lung has promoted the idea of making Taichung an animal-friendly city by enhancing the quality of life for pets. Private businesses are also doing their part with over 80 establishments offering special, pet-friendly features open in Taichung. Below is a sampling of some of these “pet paradises”:

Boss Dog
This 2,314-square-meter shop near Central Taiwan Science Park and Tunghai University provides a relaxing venue for pets and owners alike. Animals can run around the gigantic yard here and swim in the pool, with a shower set provided for both owners and pets. The shop’s three resident dogs include Ah Ni and He Tang, who were adopted as puppies and are now regular “employees” here. The menu offers light snacks and beverages for dogs and a next-door pet grocery store is a convenient spot to shop for daily pet necessities.

(04) 2461-8358
368-1, YuMen Rd, Xitun Dist
10:30 am-6 pm (週二休
closed Tue)
非犬科寵物100元 (以上含沖洗、吹毛等設備);
成人150元 (100元可抵消費)
Admission and minimum orders: NT$300 for miniature
and mid-sized dogs; NT$400 for larger dogs; NT$100 for
any other animals besides dogs (all noted prices include
pet shower and blow-dry facilities); NT$150/person
(includes NT$100 credit on menu orders)

Le Chien
Opened in 2017, this grand-looking animal-friendly paradise’s name means “the dog” in French. Located between NanTun and GongYi roads, the business covers 992 square meters and its building’s windows are mostly made with tempered glass. The first floor features a dining area while the second floor is provided as an exhibition venue. An outdoor pet “lala land” includes lawns, yellow and blue stairways, and sloped pools (10-80 centimeters deep), plus divided shower rooms specially designed for pets.
Periodic events and seminars focusing on stray dogs, guide dogs and animal protection topics are held on the second floor. In addition, this business promotes environmentally-friendly practices by not providing customers with plastic straws, napkins, plastic bags or take-out boxes. The service charge is waived for self-service dining and discounts are offered for local residents and specially-trained dogs.

(04) 2389-3724
959, GongYi Rd,
Sec 2, Nantun Dist
10 am-7 pm (週二休/closed Tue)
Admission and minimum orders: NT$300 for dogs
below 11 kg; NT$400 for dogs 11-21 kg.; NT$500 for
dogs above 21 kg. (noted prices include shower and
blow-dry facilities, and a fresh meal for pets)

True Shabu
Besides shops with loyal watch dogs, Taichung also has a number of animal-friendly restaurants like True Shabu, a shabu shabu hotpot eatery hidden along an alleyway in an vintage building. Its high-end ingredients, broiled-vegetable soup bases and specialty sauces attract many epicures and the restaurant also offers itself as a venue for professional guide dog training, which requires a variety of settings in all kinds of dining and shopping locations.
The menu includes a variety of a la carte orders for sliced meat, seafood, seasonal vegetables and other hotpot ingredients,and friendly staff members are assigned to each dining table. All sorts of drinks and designated-driver services are also available, with corkage fee for only NT$1 offered.

(04) 2376-1986
11, Lane 26, WuQuan
W 5th St, West Dist
11:30 am-3 pm, 5:30-10 pm
(週二公休/closed Tue)
Minimum order NT$700+10% per person (excluding
children under 130 cm.)

Hope Cafe
Located near Park Lane by CMP mall, this coffee shop also runs a training school for adopted strays and is staffed by a group of professional guide-dog trainers under the direction of the dogs’ “owner” Hui Shong and “co-owner” Gwai Zai. Successful canine graduates know how to deliver menus to customers and greet visitors by the door. The menu offers salads, various entrees, sandwiches and waffles, as well as delicacies for pets. The best part about this business is that it helps stray dogs by simultaneously training them and helping them look for new, permanent homes.

117-3, GongYi Rd, West Dist
11 am-9 pm
平日下午4-6 pm(採預約制
reservations needed for
weekdays 4-6 pm visits)
(週二休/closed Tue)
Minimum order NT$70+10% applied on holidays

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