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Tan Hua Charcoal Grilled Mutton Leg(This place has since closed.)

The Australian Mutton Leg (NT$980, approx. 1 kg.) served in this shop is enough for 2-3 customers to enjoy as part of a robust Mongolian-style meal and there’s an even bigger version (NT$1,680) for 4-6 people. These mutton legs are marinated with over 20 kinds of herbs–including bay leaves, cumin and nutmeg–then charcoal-grilled until medium-rare and served on the table with leftover grilled charcoal. Customers can slice the succulent, tender meat and enjoy it with all-you-can-eat lettuce and onion and garlic slices. The restaurant’s specialty Pickled Cabbage Hot Pot (NT$580) is prepared with naturally-preserved cabbage and has a mildly-sweet soup with pork belly. Vegetable and Mutton Hot Pot (NT$580) is also worthy to try. The crisp Dumb Bread (NT$60) with flour noodles wrapped in dough wrapping is wonderful with the chef’s specialty Spicy and Sour Pickled Cabbage or Pomelo Flavored Radish (NT$60). Stir-fried and grilled items and Taiwanese dishes (NT$320) are also available. –By Niang Chen Translated by Anna Yang

西區博館路115號 (04) 2329-3331
115, BoGuan Rd, West Dist
11 am-2:30 pm, 5:30-10:30 pm (週一休/closed Mon)

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