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Tea Charm & Toumou Homemade Egg-Puffs

Local egg puffs are sold by many Taiwanese vendors, who can be seen pouring batter into egg-shaped iron molds. Recently, Frenchman Frederic Tomas and his Taiwanese wife Ariel Chen invented unique, French-style versions that take these little pastries to another level. With much experimentation, they devised a batter with western elements, handmade daily with fresh milk and organic, free-range chicken eggs, without any powders or chemicals. Their Original flavor egg puffs, sans any fillings, offer the purest enjoyment with a sweet, honey-cake flavor. Another French-inspired invention are salty/savory Cheese and Cheese Ham versions. On the sweet side is the best-seller Custard flavor, plus Mocha Custard, Chocolate, Pearl Milk Tea, and Special (with in-season fruit like strawberries or pineapple) flavors. Seeking an outlet for their Toumou (“all soft” in French) salty and sweet treats (NT$35-60 for 4), the couple teamed up with Tea Charm tea stand owner Ervan Hsiao, who recently also started selling about 10 creative, tasty sandwiches, like the American Bacon Beef Cheese Egg (NT$69 with black tea), made with peanut butter, Thousand Island dressing and a pinch of taco powder.

南屯區大墩路231號 / 231, DaDun Rd, Nantun Dist / (04) 2473-0830
茶五韻/Tea Charm 10 am-8 pm, 軟熊手作雞蛋糕/Toumou 3-6:30 pm
(週日休/closed Sun)

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Written by 何道明 Douglas Habecker

Douglas Habecker is the editor-in-chief of Compass Magazine


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