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It’s easy to miss this shop–located near Shengji New Village–if you’re not looking out for the low-profile logo on its door. However, an enormous painted mural does help make it more obvious. An outdoor dining area, resembling an urban garden, is a nice spot for enjoying the imported healthy ingredients found in the Australian-style brunch and other offerings here, including salads, desserts, coffees, teas and fruit smoothies. The must-try Lilydale Smashed Avocado (NT$330) features European-style bread with avocado paste, pairing nicely with Eggs Benedict, cheese, apple bits and a few drops of lemon juice for a perfect summer meal. Lygon St. Meat Lover French Toast Stack (NT$270) is served with an over-medium egg, tiny tomatoes, salad and spiced chicken, all garnished with edible flowers. You can also try the Naturally Caffeine Free Infused Tea Selections (NT$90) to cool down a bit. Order a main course and enjoy NT$20 off menu drinks. –By Evangeline Lin Translated by Anna Yang

西區民生路380-1號 (04) 2302-2799
No. 380-1, Minsheng Rd., West Dist.
週二至五/Tue-Fri 9 am-3:30 pm,
週六&日/Sat-Sun 9 am-4pm (週一公休/closed Mon)
每人低消為一杯飲品,假日用餐時間90分鐘 (只收現金)
Min. order 1 drink per person; 90-minute dining time
limit on holidays. Credit cards not accepted.

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