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The Quiet and Calm City Project: Restricting loud, irritating vehicle noise for a better quality of life


To provide a peaceful living environment and better quality of life for residents, Taichung City Government initiated a two-month “Quiet and Calm City Project” in mid-April. This includes joint efforts by the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau, Police Department and Motor Vehicles Office, with each agency carrying out specialized tasks in a collaboration to crack down on noisy, illegally modified vehicles. The city will be fully engaged in this operation to bring peace and quiet to residents and ensure that these disruptive vehicles are nowhere to be found.

Tough enforcement nets hundreds of illegally modified noisy vehicles, thousands of speeders

The Taichung City Police Department is working with the Environmental Protection Bureau to boost cooperation and expand joint inspections to crackdown on noisy vehicles. Priority enforcement is focused on key road sections where overly loud vehicles are frequently found, including Taiping District’s County Highway No. 136, ShiMin Boulevard, Fengyuan District’s Gong Lao Ping, Dadu District’s Blue Highway, cross-district boundary roads, and areas around vehicle-modification shops. The agencies are also intensifying inspections and enforcement of modified vehicles and have asked transportation regulatory authorities to clarify and step up similar measures. Any vehicles found exceeding noise limits at night will face a heavier penalty of NT$3,600 without leniency. Furthermore, efforts are being made to address the root of this problem, with Taichung City police boosting the tracking and investigation of shops illegally modifying vehicles and the integration of inter-departmental resources and technology for the comprehensive regulation of noisy vehicles. The first week (April 26-May 2, 2023) of implementing such measures saw the police successfully net 5,536 speeding violations and seize 132 illegally modified vehicles, representing a remarkable result.

Simultaneous use of multiple enforcement methods to stamp out intolerable noise

Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau Director-General Chen Hong-yi said that the challenges in cracking down on noisy vehicles, such as their high mobility and intermittency, will be addressed by the city government through the continued purchase of mobile technology enforcement equipment in addition to simplified noise monitoring and recording devices. As of May 9, the city government has completed the installation of 10 simplified sound recording devices and by July a total of 20 such device sets will be installed, increasing the coverage of this equipment. Enforcement spots in different areas are periodically and unpredictably rotated to enhance control measures as well. According to statistics between last year and this year, a total of 291 vehicles were apprehended through electronic enforcement, while joint inspections by environmental protection authorities and police led to the total seizure of 549 non-compliant vehicles and 99 illegally remodified vehicles. This year, the city government will also purchase sound-triggered photographic technology enforcement equipment as part of its employment of multiple measures to boost its enforcement capabilities and scope.

Environmental Protection Bureau, Police, Motor Vehicles Office cooperate to help create a quiet, peaceful city

In addition to the vigorous Quiet and Calm City Project crackdown, Taichung City police are also conducting periodic “Joint Environmental Protection-Police-Motor Vehicle Inspections” in various districts falling under the jurisdiction of each city police station. Police conduct wide scale patrols to intercept and redirect suspicious noisy vehicles to inspection sites where they are assessed by regulatory authorities to determine if there are any improper modifications and assistance is provided to check vehicle registration information. The Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau follows Noise Control Act procedures to conduct inspections, using professional-grade equipment to perform on-site vehicle noise testing. Vehicles found to exceed noise limits are reported and penalized, providing the strong enforcement approach of immediate inspections and punishment. This ensures that disruptive vehicles have nowhere to hide and effectively solves the issue of modified-vehicle noise to promptly crack down on and reduce an annoying problem and restore a peaceful living environment for residents.

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