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Topic:Taichung City promotes recyclable paperware at box-meal shops, offers discounts to those bringing their own utensils

Sponsored by the Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau

Do you bring your own tableware when you dine out? 

Do you know such practices are environmentally-friendly and can save you money?

Are there any paper tableware recycling bins at the cafeterias and box-meal shops you visit?

Used paper tableware that is dumped in the trash without recycling only contributes to excessive amounts of waste.

Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau began promoting its “recycling paper tableware friendly shop plan” in 2020 and has helped 230 businesses to recycle such items. The bureau is also giving subsidies of up to NT$4,000  to 28 shops for the installation of recycling-collection  facilities. 

Shops using paper tableware are following this recycling policy by collecting, cleaning and organizing/stacking used paper items.

This current pandemic has reduced the number of customers dining out and many opt for take-out/delivery meals. As some shop owners and customers worry that the reusable tableware may be not be sanitary, businesses began using disposable tableware, increasing the use of disposable tableware in Taiwan by 50%. In response, Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau is promoting a special discount for customers bringing their own tableware. So far, over 700 businesses are offering cash discounts or extra food servings to customers that provide their own tableware. According to bureau data, each person who does this can help reduce disposable dining items by 310 grams per day, which equals up to 113 kilograms per year. This environmental-friendly practice also reduces one’s ingestion of plasticizers. 

Preparing your own tableware is recommended as it not only protects our environment but also helps you stay healthier.

# Taichungers can enjoy discounts when they bring their own tableware.

# Used paper tableware goes to recycling.

# Do not waste anything as you recycle, as it helps the Earth.

This poster advises everyone to clean, collect and stack up used paper tableware.
Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau offers subsidies for trash recycling collection installation.
Emblem for Taichung’s non-plastic-use businesses.

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