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From our archives, Compass Magazine, Sep. 2002:

Despite its coffee house label, Viva Cafe is even more outstanding as a reasonably-priced restaurant serving exceptionally-good food. The owner, Mr. Lu Yueh-ping, focuses on cuisine from seven different countries’–Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and France. Not only does the menu feature food from these places, but Lu is planning to hold special food festivals each month that showcase a specific country’s dishes. Filling main courses, which all come with soup, bread and juice, include Hungarian Goulash (NT$180), Pork Cordon Bleu (NT$220), Roast Chicken Leg Vienna Style (NT$280), Shrimp Bisque Spaghetti (NT$180) and an excellent fish fillet (NT$240). Diners can get an additional appetizer, salad and dessert with this by adding NT$150. There are also appetizers, soups and great desserts like the marble cake, tiramisu or panna cotta. During 2 to 5 p.m. tea times, a dessert and drink (including great coffees made with Italian Lavazza Super Oro beans) can be had for NT$150. Warsteiner beer and wines are available, too. The classy upstairs dining area provides especially-nice dining ambiance. Viva Cafe is located about 150 meters up Hsueh Fu Road, directly opposite Chunghsing University’s main gate.

39, Hsueh Fu Road
(04) 2285-3708;
Hours: 11 am-11 pm

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