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Wenzi Fishing Harbor

At first glance this fishing port, adjacent to a No. 61 West Coast Expressway interchange, is a standard, no-frills destination for local fishermen to unload their catch as boats come and go. However, it is also home to a number of vendors selling fresh seafood on weekday afternoons and weekends, when even bigger crowds turn up. As visitors enjoy these offerings, they can luxuriate in the strong salt-laced sea winds sweeping over surrounding farm fields.
On weekends, vendor options swell to include not only seafood, but also grilled corn and grilled squid, deep-fried items, and local farm produce such as onions, eggplants and other vegetables. Regulars like to cluster around vendors offering sizable mud crabs, live lobsters, tiger prawns, mullet, clams, oysters and beltfish, with some seafood baskets going for only NT$100-200. Cooking services can be provided by vendors for about the same price range, allowing customers to savor these fresh-caught ingredients immediately.
The open-air dining areas include karaoke for entertainment and, afterwards, visitors may walk to the nearby tetrapods to enjoy the breezes and panoramic sunset seascapes, framed by wind-power turbines.

彰化縣線西鄉漁港路 / YuGang Rd, Xianxi Township, Changhua County
週一至週日/Mon-Sun 8 am-6 pm

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