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Wu Chun This place has since closed.

This southern Taiwanese-style dessert shop offers both hot and iced food items. Customers can order ice cream/shaved ice with strawberries, taro, adzuki beans and herbal jelly with milk, and blended fresh fruit drinks (with milk) are also available. If you’d like to sample some warm savory eats, try Grandma’s Hot Soup Noodles/Chicken Sliced Noodles (NT$90), Broiled Spicy Duck Blood (NT$65), or Pork Blood with Rice and Tofu (NT$50). The very eye-catching Traditional Savory Sticky Rice Ball (NT$90) is cooked with tiny red and white sticky rice balls and has a nostalgic chewy texture and aroma that will evoke childhood memories for many local patrons. Pineapple Juice (NT$180) is prepared and served with a whole, fresh carved pineapple, plus added coconut jelly, making it a great summer drink. There are also the Xinyi Plum and Aiyu Jelly Smoothie (NT$50) and Mung Bean Drink, made with mashed mung beans and milk. With this kind of refreshing variety, every offering here will give you some an energetic, healthy refreshment.

101, BoGuan Rd, West Dist
(04) 2310-1717
11:30 am-7pm

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