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Y.N. Vegetarian

This vegan restaurant, jointly operated by Malaysian and Taiwanese owners, doesn’t use eggs, dairy or the five common pungent spices (like garlic). Despite its small size, Y.N. Vegetarian serves outstanding, delicious dishes with a touch of Southeast Asian flavors. Various spices such as curry, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric and chili, plus other Indonesian and Malaysian ingredients, are also used in the cuisine. 

Each dish on the diverse vegetarian menu is carefully designed and even the free chili sauce on tables is a homemade Indonesian rendang sauce. On hot summer days, start with some refreshing, Indonesian soto style konjac (starchy corm) noodles, with a crispy texture and lemongrass curry flavor, followed by homemade Pea Salt Cakes (NT$50), resembling fried tofu with a green color and fragrant pea taste and made from ground peas, compressed and processed into blocks. The menu also includes eye-catching dishes like Fried Tempeh, made from fermented and pressed soybeans (NT$70), Fried Wontons (NT$30), G Nuggets, Bean Curd Sheets, and Bread Rolls, all made from non-GMO soy products.

A set meal for two (NT$300) includes six exquisite, tasty dishes. A highlight is the crispy outer layer of the plant-based meat patty, made with new plant-based meat and natural spices for a delicate, complex flavor similar to a hamburger patty. The set also includes seasoned vegetables with minced noodles, glutinous meat sauce, vegetable soup, pea salt cakes, broiled vegetables, and thin, crispy plant-based shrimp skin resembling fried chicken skin. In addition, there’s a business set meal (NT$150) with a variety of donburi, broiled vegetables, specialty snacks and soup. A la carte options (NT$70) include Fried Tempeh Donburi, Dried Preserved Vegetables Donburi, Vegetarian Meat over Rice. Drinks include the cool, slightly sweet Pandan Leaf Tea, exuding the refreshing aroma of pandan leaves.

To promote diverse, delicious vegetarian options for everyone, the owner invests in high-quality ingredients that encourage diners to change their eating habits and consume more vegetables, allowing you to help the planet as you enjoy a delicious meal. 

(04) 2359-8859

11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm (closed Thu)

8, GuoJi St, Xitun Dist

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