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Yonshin Tea & Cake Selection Bar

Founded in Kaohsiung in 2015, this place showcases traditional and modern Taiwanese teas and dining delicacies in a youthful-feeling contemporary setting that includes classic decorative elements inspired by Taichung railway history and culture. Customers can enjoy local, quality hot and cold teas (NT$160-240), including Oriental Beauty, Alishan’s Jin Xuan Oolong, and Hualien’s Honey Black teas.  Among the creative snacks well worth trying here are Jasmine and Guava Mille-feuille (NT$180), made with jasmine-flavored Four Season Spring Tea and red guava sauce; Burnt Wood Longan Cheesecake; Taro and Cheese Meatballs; and fresh, delicious Squid Dumplings. Set meals include some tasty, nostalgically-flavored items like Braised Meatball Over Rice (NT$320); Squid and Vermicelli Soup (NT$320); and Fish Head Casserole with Rice (NT$380).

永心鳳茶 Yonshin Tea & Cake Selection Bar
西區公益路68號3樓 (勤美誠品店 )
68, GongYi Rd, 3F, West Dist (Eslite Park Lane mall)
(04) 2322-1118
Mon-Sun 11 am-9:30 pm; holiday 10:30 am-10 pm

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