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Yu Er Shi

Far from a regular Japanese restaurant, this is an excellent place to enjoy delicious late-night dining. The cozy eatery has bar seating by a refrigerated sushi showcase, where a sushi chef prepares fresh seafood purchased daily from markets to make various items including sashimi, grilled dishes, soups and sushi. Seasonal grilled fish is usually written on the menu, with offerings such as Silverflash Spinecheek (NT$280), a spicy, aromatic and tender fish cooked with the chef’s specialty sauce. Many other seafood options include Clam Soup and the juicy Grilled Eggplant (NT$60), Squash (NT$50) and Mushroom (NT$50), rich with charcoal flavors. The recommended Cat Rice (NT$35) is a simple, but delicious, bowl of Japanese rice topped with a very complementary fresh Japanese soft-boiled egg, sauce and chopped scallions.

北區健行路35號 (04) 2234-5020
35, JianXing Rd, North Dist  
週二至四/Tue-Thu 7 pm-4 am,
週五至日/Fri-Sun 6 pm-4 am (週一休/closed Mon)

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