Shang Hong Teppanyaki

This restaurant offers a mix menu and menu-less teppanyaki and other Japanese meals and dishes. Located near Dakeng Scenic Area’s Lantien Baiyun Bridge, Shang Hong also provides spacious indoor-outdoor dining areas, a white sandbox for kids, and convenient parking. Business lunches start from NT$490 and menu-less meals (NT$1,600-2,000) are made from fresh ingredients of the day. Fresh seafood, hauled live from an aquarium, includes Boston lobster, South African abalone, and king crab. Chef Pan uses his experience to prepare exquisite, healthy delicacies seasoned with minimal sauces. Among side dishes are Truffle Steamed Egg, Grilled Rice Balls and Argentine Shrimp Miso Soup. Varying-priced mains include Chilean sea bass, oysters, Penghu blue crabs, and ribeye and other steaks, often garnished with truffle sauce and salmon roe. Fresh whole-fish items go great with onion honey mustard sauce and Himalayan salt. The shop’s friendly owner likes to interact with his customers, enhancing the experience here.

北屯區 軍福十三路118號 (04) 3507-6838
118, JunFu 13th Rd, Beitun Dist
11 am-2:30 pm, 5-9:30 pm

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