Wu La La Bar & Music

The setting here includes ’80s-90s music and a cozy, modern ambiance, created by confident bartender Jeven, who once worked at a five-star hotel and always dreamt of opening her own creative bistro. She regularly collaborates with Wu La La’s experienced chef to create and promote new eastern-western fusion dishes. She also stays in the bar area to serve up customer cocktail favorites like the Apple Martini, mixed with fresh apple juice, as well as virgin cocktails (NT$350), to pair with food.
Handmade Belgium Deep-Fried Meatballs (NT$330) is made by mixing ground pork with black pepper, onions and Indian seasonings for a firm texture goes great with cheddar cheese flavored mashed potatoes. Beef and Cheese French-Fries Burger (NT$320) is a big, attention-grabbing item with fries stacked in the burger’s center, while the mouthwatering, juicy Spicy Pork Pita (NT$280) features Thai-style pork with basil, wrapped in a Mexican tortilla. Another foreign favorite is the tender, flavorful Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (NT$380), best enjoyed with a beer or sparkling wine.

西區忠明南路90號 (04) 2329-0929
90, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist
7 pm-1 am (週日休/closed Sun)

酒後不開車 安全有保障
Don’t drink & drive

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