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Relax Your Mind and Body at Blue Angels

Words and translated by Sho Huang

(04) 2327-5915
12, JingCheng 7th St
Hours: Tue-Thur, Sun 11 am-11 pm,
Fri & Sat 11 am-12 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, tea and coffee shops are popping up everywhere just like spring flowers. Usually these shops provide cheap and ready-to-run yummy tea for hurried people. However, if you want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while relaxing in a totally tranquil environment for a change, Blue Angels is a great choice.

Situated in the lovely alley of JingChen 7th Street, near Tea Street, Blue Angels provides a long drinks list and has deliciously blended Brazilian coffee as well as herbal vinegar drinks in a zen-like setting. It offers carefully selected coffee beans, which suit diverse tastes. The roasting time for coffee beans determines their taste: strong, medium or light. Basically, the longer they are roasted, the stronger, the darker and less bitter the taste is. This process provides strong, medium and light coffee beans, which translates to the three most popular coffees: Brazilian Classic, First Seat, and Cherry. If you are a hardcore coffee drinker, then you definitely don't want to miss the Brazilian First-Seat Coffee (NT$100). Mr. Lin, the owner, recommends Brazilian Cherry Coffee (NT$100) for its mild taste and pleasing fragrance. For non-coffee drinkers, choose from a long list of milk teas, juice, and healthy herbal teas, like Rose Vinegar Iced Tea (NT$130) and Lemon Grass Vinegar Iced Tea (NT$130).

But why "Blue Angels"? The tea house is named after the U. S. Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron because, beside a passion for coffee, the owners share a love of airplanes. They want visitors to feel free like a bird in the sky at Blue Angels, which they've decorated with fish pools and many trees and plants. Glass doors and windows let in abundant sunlight and, on the second floor, a variety of books beg to be thumbed through. Free wireless is generously provided and snacks and set meals are served as well.


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