FYI SOUTH Magazine, March 2007.

Taisugar Kaohsiung Paintball Field

By Rudi Reichert Translated by Annie Liu Photos by Benoit Cote

668-1, ChiaoNan Rd, ChaiTou Township,
Kaohsiung County
(07) 612-3011 or 612-4771
Hours: 24 hours/day but must book in advance.
E-mail: paint.ball@msa.hinet.net. G

Do you need some fun, adventure and rapid-fire weaponry in your life? Or perhaps you need to get out of the house and do some exercise? If that's the case, paintball might be just the thing for you. Few things get the old heart pumping like somebody shooting between 10 and 30 balls per second at your head at 300 feet per second. Besides the adrenaline rush, you'll get a great workout from all the running, crawling and sometimes diving for cover and the best part is that great feeling of satisfaction when you get a hit and see the paint spatter all over your opponents.

One of the best places to play in the Kaohsiung area is the Taisugar Kaohsiung Paintball Field, located on ChaiTou Township about a 20-minute drive outside of Kaohsiung City. The easiest way to get there is to follow Minzu Road. all the way north out of the city. What makes this such a great place to play is that they have many kinds of fields to accommodate any game type you might be interested in. The friendly staff will give new players some instruction in how to use a gun and a quick rundown on safety procedures. NT$500 will get you unlimited CO2 and time to play, gear (mask and overalls), a gun and 100 balls. If you have enough players, buy a discount card with 10 stamps to drop the cost to NT$399 per player and, if you need extra balls, you can buy a box of 2,000 for NT$2,000 and split it amongst yourselves.

If you have 20 people or more, contact the field manager, Mr. Cheng Fu Chang, in advance at 0958-416-530. Games can be scheduled 24 hours a day any day of the week, but that requires a special booking. For any more info you can check out their website at www.a886.com.tw.