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Taichung World Flora Expo Fengyuan site’s Ruanbizai River renovation completed

Words and photos provided by Information Bureau of Taichung City Government
Translated by Anna Yang

Flowing along Fengyuan District’s Huludun Park, Ruanbizai River is the only waterway found within the World Flora Expo’s three main venues. The Fengyuan site has been divided into five areas and Taichung City Government has developed a one-hectare man-made waterfront area for recreational activities such as Dragon Boat Festival events. This project also has a flood-control function during heavy rains. Mayor Lin Chia-lung noted that with renovation work here now completed, including greenery along the river, it is now ready to serve as a beautiful Fengyuan District recreational site.
The 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo centers around the main themes of ecology and local products and Fengyuan Huludun Park will highlight the concept of “combining the river with the land”, integrating nearby water resources, sewage facilities and flood-control functions. In addition, with the completion of other Taichung City Water Resource Bureau renovation projects–including the Lyuchuan, Liuchuan, Huludun, and Ruanbizai rivers–water conservation initiatives have made Taichung a “sponge city” and model for flood control among all of Taiwan’s counties and cities. This includes storing water beneath Taichung road pavements and putting the city’s water treatment achievements at the forefront of national cities.
Ruanbizai River renovation work was completed on April 30 and the one-hectare riverbank area collects excess rainwater, prevents flooding and cools down road surfaces. This area will also serve as a training base for canoeing sports in Taichung for the upcoming East Asian Youth Sports Game. The Dragon Boat races at this year’s Dragon Boat Festival (June 2-3) will take place on a 250-meter stretch of Ruanbizai River for the first time and public is being welcomed to visit and cheer the teams on.
Over 200,000 flowers and other greenery being planted here help preserve numerous native plants, including local trees and the Da’an Hygrophila, allowing visitors to gain a better understanding of local flora along the water front. This river project is yet another illustration of the flora exposition’s success in generating sustainable development and integrating itself into the human and cultural environment.
The Taichung City Government Water Resource Bureau notes that Huludun Park’s water treatment plant can process up to 3,000 tons of polluted wastewater per day and that a total of 100 tons of this processed wastewater will be used for flushing toilets and watering plants. The rest of it will be diverted to waterways for agricultural use and temperature control.
An area beneath this flora expo site’s plaza surface has been turned into a 6,700-square-meter water-storage site. It is capable of absorbing 25% more in rainwater than regular concrete surfaces, which also helps moderate temperatures and boost the local ecology and environment.
Besides water-treatment and renovation work, the newly-created waterfront Huludun Park will thrill and stimulate visitors’ eyes and imaginations with spectacles that include its floral landscape, a tiny island off the man-made waterfront, eco-friendly characteristics, artistic walls, maze, tunnels, grass lawns, and music plaza–all parts of this beautiful flower-decorated riverbank.

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